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The new "2017" Trophies and Awards for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, can be used for other groups

Awards and trophies for boy scouts, cub scouts, tiger cubs & girl scouts, trophies for grand prix pinewood derby, raingutter regata trophies, space derby, catapult trophy, display plaque for pinewood derby car.

Certificates & Trophies Unlimited A division of Ja-Bu-S Company

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 New Colorful Racing Flags Series Trophy

 Gold Racing Flags Trophy


 USA Stars and Stripes Edition Trophy


 USA Star Shaped Stars and Stripes


  Blue, Red or Gold Glow Trophies

 Red, White and Blue Trophies

  New Pinewood Derby 3 level trophy with 2 inch emblem, top cup and placing

 Red, White and Blue Edition Trophy

New Top/Side Mount Trophy with 2 inch Emblem 

 New Top Mount Trophy with 2 inch Emblem


 New Pinewood Derby 2 level trophy with 2 inch emblem & top cup


Series Clear Trophy with Stars

  Award Plaques for Pinewood Derbies


 Small trophies for special awards


Pinewood Derby Car Stand

 Series Clear Trophy with 2 inch Emblem




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New Plaque with 3D Pinewood Derby Figure